Accessible and enjoyable

Bean is calm, confident and thoroughly inspiring in her teaching.  I've always loved sport, but lacked flexibility, therefore refrained from practicing yoga in the past, but she has made it both accessible and enjoyable.  Starting most classes by bringing us back to ourselves and the basics of breathing, making a productive transition into a focused session, with an overall feeling of sanctuary in her beautiful studio. For the first time in my life I thoroughly enjoy yoga and take so much from our classes. 

Female student

One regret ... I didn't start sooner

Since I started yoga with Bean, I have but one regret…..that I didn’t start it sooner. The benefits have been huge and somewhat unexpected. I thought there was a good chance I would improve my flexibility after many years of only running but what I didn’t expect was the benefit on my breathing and overall fitness. In less than 2 weeks (4 practices) I had become less reliant upon my inhaler when exercising and in regular life; moving from twice daily usage to once or twice per week. My fitness levels have improved on the back of this and allowed me to train harder than I have in years. While I know some of this is down to the fact that I’m practicing yoga in a great facility and location, for me the key is Bean. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Male student

Re-energise and reflect

Bean's yoga classes are really great. She is a brilliant teacher, with the perfect blend of physical challenge with help and support.  And, the atmosphere and environment she creates in the class is really special, making it a very perfect time to re-energise and reflect.  I cannot recommend Bean highly enough as a yoga teacher, and she's a lovely person as well. 

Male student

Beautifully mindful

Set in a peaceful and tranquil yoga studio overlooking her garden, Bean offers a beautifully mindful practice with strong emphasis on breath.  She skilfully leads a practice which fuses strength of movement with deep inner connection - providing personal growth and self healing in a moving meditation. I always come away feeling restored. 

Female student 

Pain improvement


Having been recommended by my physio to start yoga, I had no idea how fundamentally yoga with Bean would improve both my bad neck, but also general wellbeing. Bean’s holistic approach to yoga makes the classes incredibly enjoyable, challenging and yet relaxing.  Not only do I suffer notably less pain due to prolapsed discs, but feel stronger and more flexible, especially in my core.

Female student

My hour of sanctuary

This being my first experience of yoga, I cannot compare Bean's teaching style or skills.  Instead I can only emphasise how much I enjoy lessons with her.  In my first lesson with her, Bean mentioned how in her mind yoga is 'not about how well you stand on your head, but how grounded you are on both feet'.  Her approach to breathing, her meticulous attention to detail in postures and her words of wisdom, mean my weekly session with Bean is my hour of sanctuary.  I come out of Bean's lovely studio feeling stretched and challenged, yet calm and rejuvenated. Thank you! 

Female student 

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Additional Information

Q: Do I need to be experienced at yoga to do a class?

A:  Not at all, all my classes are accessible, with easy to understand instructions, for all levels of ability.

Q: What should I wear?

A: There are no fashion rules, whatever clothing you feel comfortable in, which won't inhibit your ability to stretch or relax in any way. 

Q: Do I need to bring my own mat or equipment to a class?

A: I supply all specialised yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps unless of course you'd prefer to bring your own. 

Q: What if I have an injury?

A: Depending on what it is, we can discuss appropriate postures to encourage healing or avoid aggravating it further.