Breathe to heal



With our modern lifestyles, there’s an epidemic of stress and anxiety that's stifling our happiness and prohibiting us living to our full potential. I use Max Strom’s principles of breathing to help alleviate this and help reconnect you to your true self. 

I've become passionate about ‘the breath’ as it's this very simple tool that, with practise, we all have access to. It's the one way we can communicate a sense of safety to our nervous system and so bring ourselves into a much calmer connected state.  This encourages  more clarity, more creativity, more insight, and the ability to live more effectively. 

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Balance is key


How often do you feel like you’re drowning in your own life? Always feeling too busy and with never enough time in the day? We all need balance. A strong breathing practise creates the space within to enable the positive choices to create this balance. 

I’m passionate about delivering an authentic, accessible and inclusive yoga practise, inspiring you to function at a much higher level, not only during your own practise, but in your everyday life. 

My classes are a balance of developing strength, flexibility and deep relaxation with a strong emphasis on the breath and healthy body alignment.

Being truly present


During the practise, there’s an opportunity to connect to your breath, connect to your body and so connect back into your true being. Once you connect with the breath and find balance, there is this opportunity to drop into a ‘sense of being’. For me, this is the end goal – being truly present in each moment and with all that we do - a blissful state of well-being.

‘We are human beings, not human doings’ Dalai Lama 

‘Connect to your deepest, wisest self, and as a result, feel peace with who you are. 


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